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New fabrics Focus and Focus Melange reinvent the iconic felt texture and transform it into a modern material, bringing well-being, comfort, and small moments of joy into next-generation office and commercial spaces.

As one of the oldest forms of fabric known to mankind, felt has made life more comfortable, warmer, and easier for people since the beginning of time. Presumably discovered by a stroke of luck, when wool shed from wild sheep was matted during use, felt has triumphed through the ages and continuously found new shapes, forms, and purposes.

Designed for next generation workplaces
With new woven felt upholstery fabrics Focus and Focus Melange, we reinvent the ancient and iconic felt texture, and bring it into the future with new aesthetic and functional features that are the perfect match for modern workspaces. New inventive colours, an unprecedented ultra-softness, superior strength, and a strong environmental performance make the two new fabrics the ultimate choices for next-generation office and residential environments.

Enjoy colourful creative freedom
Colours, light or dark, vibrant or subtle, soft or bright, influence our perception of spaces. The 77 colours of Focus and Focus Melange give you absolute creative freedom to set the mood of any space and underline the distinguishing design features of any piece of furniture. Divided into eight contemporary and carefully curated colour themes, there is a colour to complement any mood, any type of interior, and any palette - from modest Nordic tones, to revitalising sunny hues, variations of soft, blush pinks, organic nature-inspired greens, blues as dark as the night, and radiant, high-tech reds.

Create a domestic vibe
As new generations and new working styles enter workspaces, the way we design, decorate, and furnish offices are changing. Focus and Focus Melange are completely in sync with the domestic, home-away-from-home vibe that has gained ground in modern office spaces and are the perfect accompaniments for new types of office furniture that softens up the rigid office layouts of the past.

Made for people
Spending an average of 90,000 hours at work during a lifetime, work environments matter, affect our mood, and our quality of life. Ultra-soft to touch and look at and comfortable in use, Focus and Focus Melange are designed to make a difference for users, bringing feel-good moments into everyday work situations. In spaces for relaxation, waiting or socialising, for concentration and contemplation, the fabrics seamlessly fuse maximum comfort and practical function, and empower you to keep moving forward, perform your best, and to unwind and enjoy the moment.