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Working in office environments or in the comfort of our own home, the surroundings have an impact on the way we perform, our creativity, and well-being. Furniture, fabrics, interior design, and colours all have an influence on the way we perceive spaces and how we thrive.

Creating a residential feel
Moving away from the stereotypical office towards residential style spaces, we have updated the Cura palette with an array of beautiful feel-good shades inspired by nature. Warm and soft with a bright dimension, the palette strives to create positive vibes and a welcoming, residential feel in all types of interiors and spaces.

Colour harmonies
Natural, earthy shades. Beautiful tones of burgundy. Soft, dusty pinks. An abundance of greys and colourful blues. The 50 Cura colours span the full spectrum, and the palette offers an impressive freedom of choice with a complete range of middle and in-between tones that add to the attraction and versatility of the fabric. Spanning from deep and dynamic to soft and calm - and from cold to warm tones – the extended palette offers bountiful opportunities to create colour harmonies and surprising colour combinations.

New grey melange options
The updated Cura palette introduces various grey melange colourways in addition to the black melanges featured in the original palette. The grey and black fibres add a vibrant melange effect to each Cura colour, and while the grey melanges lighten up the palette, the black melanges create darker colour alternatives and a more distinct melange expression. The grey and black melanges alike camouflage dirt, wear and tear, enhance the durability of the fabric and extend the life of furniture.

Explore the Cura Lookbook
We have created a lookbook presenting the new Cura colours. Browse the lookbook to find design inspiration and explore the new shades and tones of the Cura palette.