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Not every job task is effectively solved behind a traditional desk. Sometimes it takes a change of scenery to bring out the best in us. The flexibility of shaping our surroundings to match our immediate needs is a tendency which is reflected in the rising adaptable and activity-based spaces in office landscapes. With a mixed usage of different kinds of interior and furniture objects, modern office spaces now offer employees the freedom to choose where and how to do their work.

Create flexibility with screens
Movable and multifunctional furniture and screens are key to the creation of activity-based spaces that support different tasks throughout the day. Designed for screens, panels and pods, Cura Screen is the ideal choice for office design that focus on the flexibility of the workspace and on providing the freedom to change the functionality of the space – depending on the job at hand or simply on the mood of the day.

For private spaces & creative teamwork
Cura Screen is designed as the perfect accompaniment for upholstery fabric Cura. Use Cura Screen for room division solutions and Cura for classic office furniture or lounge seating to create complete interiors where matching fabrics harmoniously bind the space together as well as multifunctional environments that support not only the need for privacy but also encourage teamwork and creative collaboration.

Add a natural vibe
With its matt, slightly heathered texture, natural fibre look, and nature-inspired colour palette, Cura Screen brings a warm, casual vibe to all types of interiors. The natural aesthetic creates a welcoming atmosphere and a residential feel that enhances well-being and support the focus on creating spaces that make employees feel free and at home.

Ideal for eco-conscious interior design
Made from 98% post-consumer recycled polyester, Cura Screen is not only the ideal choice for activity-based spaces.

The post-consumer recycled polyester used for Cura Screen is made of used plastic bottles that cannot be approved for use in the food industry. We place high demands on the materials we use and only accept post-consumer recycled polyester that is certified in accordance with international product standards in order to document the origin and the content of the material. Cura Screen is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and EU Ecolabel certified.

Explore the Cura Screen lookbook
We have created a lookbook presenting the new Cura Screen fabric. Browse the lookbook to find design inspiration and explore the shades and tones of the Cura Screen palette.