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While office trends come and go, it is, however, an indisputable fact that spaces and places affect our state of mind, the way we feel and interact with others, our performance and how productive we are. Contrary to the cubicles of the past, workspace design today is no longer just about practicality, efficiency, and making room for one more table and one more computer in a fast-paced office environment. Instead, it is about creating environments that fosters well-being and empowers people to perform their best.

Designed for people by people
With a humancentric design approach, the Focus fabrics by Gabriel are designed and developed by our design team as a contribution to create comfortable, calming yet stimulating work environments. Made from 100% premium quality worsted wool, the Focus fabrics offer a warm, soft look and a satiny feel that contributes to the creation of a feel-good vibe and enhanced well-being in everyday work situations and in all types of workspaces.

Create complete interiors in matching fabrics
Focus Melange Screen is designed to complement Focus and Focus Melange, and together the three Focus fabrics offer a unique opportunity to create complete interiors – from soft seating to lounge furniture and room division – in matching fabrics, shades, and textures. The 32 colours of Focus Melange Screen perfectly match Focus and Focus Melange colours, and the harmoniously balanced palette opens a world of mix and match options and offers a colour for every mood.

Comfort for stressless environments
Focus Melange Screen’s soft, felted texture not only creates a warm feel-good vibe but also contributes to creating a comfortable acoustic environment where people thrive. The premium quality wool offers inherent acoustic features and good sound absorption properties, contributes to reducing noise levels and creating a more calm and less stressful work environment.   

Room division for maximum well-being
The latest addition to the Focus family Focus Melange Screen is designed specifically for vertical use on screens, pods, and panels in dynamic work settings. Made for room division, the felted screen fabric encourages the creation of various workspace zones that maximise well-being and meet the ever-changing needs of a busy workday – from quiet spaces for concentration to social areas to de-stress, and flexible spaces for creative co-working.

Explore the Focus Melange Screen lookbook
We have created a lookbook presenting the new Focus Melange Screen fabric. Browse the lookbook to find design inspiration and explore the shades and tones of the Focus Melange Screen palette.