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Create positive energy in commercial spaces with colourful fabrics


Give your working mood a colour boost
The colours that surround us during our working hours have the power to dramatically affect us, our mood, behaviour, and feelings. While some colours have a soothing, calming effect, others lift us up, raise our spirits, and make us more effective and productive. In commercial spaces such as office environments, it is crucial that you feel comfortable while working, and positive energy is key to performance. To get you in a working mood, a warm but yet energetic colour scheme can be the right design solution.

Create a warm & energetic atmosphere
With the colour scheme Solar designed for Focus and Focus Melange you can add rays of sunlight to all types of indoor spaces, and create a warm, energized, and uplifting atmosphere. Inspired by the sun, Solar is the epitome of energy and life, and remind us of sunny summer days full of happiness and joy.

Every shade of golden
The colour scheme shimmers in every shade of golden from saturated sunny yellow to intense copper, orange-brown tones, and more soft and muted alternatives. The beautiful yellow tones capture your attention, sharpen your memory and thinking, boost creativity, and create a sense of vitality and excitement.

Piquing curiosity with in-between hues
What truly catches the eye is the surprising in-between hues that intrigues the mind and pique curiosity. The in-between tones transcend well-known colour categories and offer you a playful universe of new and carefully designed hues that constantly cross the line between shades, shifting as the light or angle changes – or simply in the eye of the beholder.

Mix and match solids and melanges
The Solar colour scheme consists of clean solids as well as vibrant, harmonious melanges. The solids and melanges are meant for each other, and together Focus and Focus Melange open up a world of mix and match options that inspire exciting designs and colour fusions.

Clean colours that last
Focus and Focus Melange are made from 100% premium quality worsted yarn that forms the perfect base for beautiful, long-lasting, and colour-fast dyes. Unlike other wool yarns and qualities, worsted yarn is completely clean and free from impurities. No black fibres or dried grass contaminate the wool, and the result is completely clean, vibrant and intense dyes.

A colour for every mood
With a total of 77 colours divided into eight colour schemes, the complete colour palette of Focus and Focus Melange impresses with its mere abundance of shades. Offering a hue for every mood and every type of indoor space, the extensive palette provides the ultimate creative freedom to simply pick and choose your personal favourite.