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Renewed Loop
Designed to eliminate waste

Deeply rooted in a circular philosophy, our new textile Renewed Loop raises the awareness of the fragility of our planet. Its design addresses the problem of waste flooding our planet and offers a circular solution that strives to limit waste within the textile industry, to reduce resource consumption, and to minimise environmental impact.

By weaving circularity into the very fibre of its design, the textile Renewed Loop contributes to the creation of planet-conscious spaces and encourages us to reconnect with nature.

Create planet-conscious spaces
The circular philosophy of Renewed Loop is intricately intertwined with its aesthetic expression and is reflected in its refined, natural tactility and nature-inspired colour scale. The textile’s strong natural references and circular design inspire the creation of planet-conscious interiors, where less is more, and where daylight, plants and natural elements combine to create a connection between the indoor space and the natural world.

Interplay of light & dark
The design of Renewed Loop is distinguished by a sparkling melange effect - a subtle interplay of light and dark shades that adds depth and richness to the texture.  The melange effect is created by black yarns made from textile waste that has been carefully collected and recycled. Instead of ending up in landfills or being incinerated, textile waste is transformed into new textile in an infinite, circular loop – from textile to textile to textile.

Colours rooted in nature
Created from six core colours deeply rooted in the nature around us, the Renewed Loop colour scale spans 47 shades from earthy landscape tones to vibrant hues inspired by the rich palettes of flora and fauna. The colour scale features a versatile selection of greens symbolising life, the fragility a nature, and the urgence of a green transition.

From green and blue to red, orange, and brown, each colour is vivid in its essence but is subtly muted by the presence of the black recycled yarns. The black yarns add an extra dimension to the colour expression and act as a thread that weaves the diverse palette together.

Colour exploration
The subtly muted palette allows for endless design possibilities and open the doors to creative exploration, enabling the incorporation of Renewed Loop into a wide range of interior styles and settings. From activity-based spaces to lounge areas, hospitality settings, and contemporary office environments, the colours contribute to the creation of comfortable and soothing atmospheres, where people thrive.

Explore the Renewed Loop Lookbook
We have created a lookbook presenting the new Renewed Loop textile. Browse the lookbook and explore the shades and tones of the Renewed Loop palette.